Updating a Women's Guide to Health and Human Services

During 1998 and 1999, staff from the League of Women Voters of New Jersey updated the guidebook Women's Guide to Rights and Resources in New Jersey.

In 1994, the League published a guidebook on health and human services in New Jersey designed to help women navigate the legal system and obtain the protections to their health and well-being established for them by law. Because of changes in laws and the health system, an update was needed.

Key Results

  • The 1999 edition of Women's Guide to Rights and Resources in New Jersey included major changes in:
    • Domestic violence laws.
    • Divorce and child custody laws.
    • Welfare reform.
    • Opportunities for investing.
    Staff also expanded the guidebook to include more health information and more about women's issues. Health information included:
    • Dealing with private insurance (traditional and HMOs), Medicare, Medicaid, and state health-financing programs.
    • Reproductive issues.
    • Woman-specific health issues such as mammograms, Pap smears, prenatal care, and hospital maternity stays.
    • Violence against women.
    • Discrimination and employment.
    • Family issues.
    Raymond A. Noble, chief counsel and director of legal affairs at the New Jersey Bar Association, served as researcher/writer of the updated guide, which was reviewed by six League health and women's issues specialists and eight bar association members.