Massachusetts Raises Awareness of Hospice Services

Starting in 1997, the Hospice Federation of Massachusetts developed and disseminated a model for conducting a statewide public awareness campaign for hospice services.

The Hospice Federation of Massachusetts is a nonprofit organization whose membership of all 47 hospice providers in the state is dedicated to promoting access to and delivery of quality hospice care.

Project staff designed the project to take advantage of the publicity created by a special 12-page section about a hospice patient published in the Boston Globe in June 1996 and an accompanying one-hour TV documentary the Globe produced in conjunction with New England Cable News.

Key Results

The project:

  • Produced 107,000 reprints of the Boston Globe special section and distributed more than 77,000 of them to hospices for further dissemination at health fairs, conferences, training sessions, and meetings with legislators.

  • Developed two photography exhibitions comprised of photos taken for the Globe's special section and displayed them in public buildings and at educational conferences.

  • Published and distributed 13,000 copies of the consumer guide "Choosing Hospice—A Guide to Hospice in Massachusetts for Patients, Family Members and Friends."

  • Produced a 28-minute video, "Look for Me Here," which was edited from the original one-hour television documentary and made available at no cost to member hospices.

  • Developed a website with a home page and eight selections including the consumer guide, "Choosing Hospice."