National Telephone Survey Compared RWJF Goals with the Public's Interest on Key Issues

    • May 31, 2000

Audits and Surveys Worldwide (ASW), a New York-based international marketing research firm, measured public attitudes and perceptions on a series of health issues in 1997.

The project was designed to increase the accuracy and reliability of RWJF's public opinion assessments by tracking American attitudes and concerns related to:

  • Key areas of importance to RWJF's goals.
  • How Americans get information about these areas.
  • How important these areas have remained over time.

Key Findings

Audits and Surveys Worldwide conducted two telephone surveys of 1,200 people in 1997. The surveys assessed and compared public awareness of and concern about 28 issues, 13 of which were specifically included at the request of RWJF.

  • The public was most aligned with RWJF interests in the areas of:

    • Illegal drug use.
    • Violence.
    • Smoking among children and teens.
  • A significant level of confusion exists among the public about managed care and HMOs.

  • The public ranked the believability of foundations relatively highly—on a par with other experts.