Knitting Together the Threads of Federal and State Programs for Children's Health Care

Staff at the National Governors' Association Health Policy Studies Division, Washington, researched and analyzed strategies that states and communities could use to simplify and improve health programs for children between March 1995 and June 1996.

Under the project, staff at the National Governor's Association conducted three issue seminars and two policy forums to highlight innovative approaches to dealing with the multitude of categorical programs related to children's health.

Key Results

The National Governor's Association:

  • Discovered and highlighted innovative activities occurring on the state level.

  • Disseminated some of these best practices through seminars and publications.

  • Fostered cooperation between different units of the National Governor's Association Center for Best Practices, setting a precedent for a new working relationship on future projects.

  • Highlighted the importance of children's health in relation to other issues, such as education and welfare.