Radio News Service Dials Up Coverage of Rural Health Care News

From 1993 to 1998, the Western Organization of Resource Councils Education Project, a nonprofit educational and charitable corporation, produced award-winning radio coverage of rural health care by the High Plains News Service (HPNS).

Key Results

  • High Plains News Service produced and distributed 100 health care stories to more than 50 public and community radio stations serving some 360 communities in 21 states; the estimated audience is 1.3 million regular listeners.

  • To increase the capacity of local stations to produce quality health care stories, High Plains News Service recruited and trained a corps of nearly 80 local radio producers, including Native Americans and Hispanics.

  • High Plains News Service adapted to changes in telecommunications technology by installing digital audio technology (DAT). With DAT, High Plains News Service was able to launch an innovative audio site on the World Wide Web, significantly expanding the potential worldwide audience.

  • While High Plains News Service has made progress toward its goal of a diversified funding base, financial sustainability continues to be elusive.