An Unusual Collaboration to Improve Children's Health

The National Association of School Nurses, Scarborough, Maine, examined the potential collaboration of managed care organizations and school health services.

The association collaborated on the project with the American School Health Association, Kent, Ohio, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, Elk Grove Village, Ill.

The major activity was a symposium held in September 1997 in Alexandria, Va. Attended by recognized experts in the fields of school health and managed care, the symposium created a dialogue and reached a consensus that there is a mutual benefit in the collaboration of managed care and school health.

Key Findings

An article based on the proceedings of the symposium was published in the Journal of School Nursing in October 1998. It identified several advantages of managed care and school health services partnerships:

  • There is a potential of sustainable revenue for school health services.

  • Access to care for students/families who are plan members is improved.

  • Uninsured children/families can be identified through schools.

  • The school is already the site of service for plan members with special needs that must be managed during the school day.

  • Mechanisms for collecting and sharing data about common clients can be developed.