Facing the Highest Shortage of Registered Nurses in the United States, Georgia Establishes a Nursing Careers Program

From 1993 through mid-1997, Georgia Ladders in Nursing Careers (L.I.N.C.) enrolled 146 students from 48 institutions, with minority participation close to 50 percent.

L.I.N.C., a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), provided financial and other resources to low-income and minority, entry- and mid-level hospital and nursing home employees to help them become licensed practical nurse (LPN) and registered nurse (RN) positions.

Key Results

Under the program, Georgia L.I.N.C.:

  • Standardized the requirements for entry into RN programs.
  • Standardized the educational path for RNs seeking a BSN or other further professional nursing education.
  • Provided an avenue for welfare recipients to obtain education and employment.
  • Recruited individuals for advanced practice nursing programs (e.g., nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists) to increase the number of nurse practitioners in the state practicing in rural and medically underserved areas.