Two Pittsburgh Hospitals Make the Community Safer for Children and Reduce Injuries

In 1994, Pittsburgh's Allegheny General Hospital became the first site of the Injury Free Coalition for Kids program. It also became the only site to be based in two community hospitals after Project Director Michael Hirsh, MD, moved to Mercy Hospital from Allegheny General in the final year of the grant. The Pittsburgh sites seek to decrease injury by:

  • Educating children and families.
  • Bringing communities together to address safety issues.
  • Providing safe places for children to play.
  • Providing safe activities for children to participate in, along with positive role models.

Collaborative, community-based injury prevention activities address the wellness of children and their families in several urban neighborhoods—the Northside, Hill District, Uptown, and the Southside slopes—as well as providing safety education region-wide.

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) national program Injury Free Coalition for Kids: Dissemination of a Model Injury Prevention Program for Children and Adolescents.

Key Results

  • After three years, through September 1997, data from the Allegheny General Hospital area showed declines in injuries from assaults; gunshots; stabbings; and motor vehicle, pedestrian and bike accidents.

  • To reduce vehicle and road-related injuries, the site developed a Safety Street program.