St. Louis Reduces Children's Deaths from Burns and Firearms as Part of Injury Education Program

The St. Louis Children's Hospital Injury Prevention Coalition was based on the HHIPP model. Activities included community-based injury prevention education and providing safe and constructive activities and/or environments in which children can live and play.

Injury Free St. Louis and the St. Louis Children's Hospital Injury Prevention Coalition are dedicated to reducing childhood injury by:

  • Creating safe and constructive places for children to play.
  • Educating children and families about injury prevention.
  • Increasing awareness of fire safety.
  • Providing a creative outlet through art.

The St. Louis program has completed two playgrounds and has begun a surveillance system.

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) national program Injury Free Coalition for Kids: Dissemination of a Model Injury Prevention Program for Children and Adolescents.

Key Results

  • Project staff mapped the city, identifying zip codes with the highest injury rates for children and concentrated its efforts in these areas, particularly burns and firearm deaths and injuries.

  • Deaths from both burns and firearms decreased significantly since the program started.