Atlanta Emphasizes Safety to Prevent Childhood Injuries

The Grady Injury Prevention Program (GRIPP) is located at Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital where the project director, Donna Jones, MD, is a public health pediatrician.

The Injury Control Center, established in 1995, has three primary-focus areas within the broad framework of a safe environment: playground safety, in-home safety, and bicycle safety.

The project is part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) national program Injury Free Coalition for Kids: Dissemination of a Model Injury Prevention Program for Children and Adolescents.

Key Results

  • The initial focus was on Grady Homes a low-density housing project. Later, through collaboration with partners, the catchment area was expanded to create safe environments for children in all communities served by Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital.

    After further expansion, Injury Free Atlanta worked with 19 poor communities in Atlanta's inner city.

    • Project staff tracked pediatric injury hospitalizations at the Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital over several years but were less successful in tracking emergency room visits.
    • Project staff conducted a September 1995 survey of households in Grady Homes to assess child safety concerns of residents.
    • Health educators provided information on home injury prevention and other issues including nutrition and stress management at Grady Homes.
    • Staff conducted a variety of safety activities in areas including bicycle safety and playground safety.