Occupational Hazards: Scholarships Encourage Physicians in Little-Known Field

    • January 1, 1999

This grant from RWJF contributed to the 1995–98 fund drive of the Occupational Physicians Scholarship Fund (OPSF). The fund was established in 1986 when the late James E. Olson, former chairman and chief executive officer of AT&T, launched its initial funding campaign.

The primary mission of the Occupational Physicians Scholarship Fund was to increase the number of physicians preparing for careers in occupational/environmental medicine (OEM) by providing stipends for physicians who choose such residencies. Physicians in occupational/environmental medicine are concerned with the health and function of people at their places of work and the impact of industrial activities and products on the health of workers, consumers and the public.

Key Results

  • The campaign was still in progress at the end of this grant, and had already raised $2.7 million and anticipated reaching its increased goal of $3 million.

  • The scholarship fund awarded 30 scholarships from 1996 through 1998.