Computer Program Trains Rural Alaskan Residents to Meet Their Unique Health Needs

    • January 31, 1999

A project team at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, created a self-paced, interactive computer program to be used as a training tool for Alaska's Community Health Aide/Practitioner Program.

Community Health Aides/Practitioners are local residents trained to provide continuous, comprehensive, cost-effective primary health care to rural Alaska residents, with telephone supervision provided by medical personnel.

Key Results

Key accomplishments under the grant include the following:

  • The CD-ROM program provides information on the anatomy and physiology of each body system, physical examination procedures, diseases and clinical simulations.

  • The program includes self-quizzes and a medical dictionary.

  • Distribution of 450 copies of the program began in September 1997.

  • The computer program is now used in village clinics, regional health corporations/agencies and training centers to expand, enhance and reinforce Community Health Aide/Practitioner training.