Now, the Good News: Radio Reports on Health Care Initiatives That Work

Coverage of health care issues for a national radio network

From 1995 to 1997, the American Communications Foundation (ACF) produced 120 radio programs that featured positive profiles of initiatives in health care. The project had two goals:

  • To expose a new and larger audience to positive information about the health care system, including initiatives funded by RWJF.
  • To promote a more balanced view of the health care delivery system in the media in order to balance the more negative reporting on health care that accelerated during the health care reform debate of the mid-1990s.

ACF, based in Mill Valley, Calif., is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to improve the quality of news coverage of important public and social policy issues in the commercial media.

Key Results

  • The American Communications Foundation produced 120 programs on health care.

  • Interest from other media sources sparked additional coverage in print, radio and television.

  • In developing these programs and researching different fields, project staff identified 789 experts on various health care topics and entered them into a database, providing a resource list for RWJF as it considers other projects.