Center for Child Welfare Identifies Needs of Hispanic Families

From 1994 to 1996, staff at the Center for Child Welfare developed a series of research, program and technical assistance activities designed to strengthen the organization's capacity to work with service providers, policymakers, researchers and community-based organizations that serve Latino children and their families in the metropolitan Washington area.

The center operates out of George Mason University as the nation's first academic center focusing specifically on the social, educational and health needs of Hispanic children and families in the United States and Latin America.

Key Results

  • Project staff analyzed sociodemographic and health data for Hispanic children and families.

  • Project staff convened focus groups of health care and social service providers and consumers to discuss major health issues facing Hispanic low-income communities.

  • Project staff convened a national group of experts and local community-based health providers to discuss policy strategies for improving the health of Hispanic women and children.