Life Interrupted: The Particular Needs of the Mentally Ill in Managed Care

    • June 30, 1998

During 1996 and 1997, staff at the Treatment Research Institute conducted a literature review of research on managed behavioral health care for the treatment of substance abuse and mental illness.

Based on the review, project staff formulated a number of recommendations to assist the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) staff in their assessment of potential grantmaking related to this topic.

The Treatment Research Institute, located in Philadelphia, conducts research to reduce the effects of alcohol and other drug abuse on individuals, families and communities.

Key Recommendations

  • A report to RWJF recommended four areas for additional support:

    • Providing technical assistance to states that are in the process of developing and managing Medicaid behavioral health contracts.
    • Undertaking both process and outcome evaluations of different managed care structures.
    • Building better systems to track and monitor patient assessment placement, and outcomes, as well as to link treatment to cost data.
    • Identifying additional services that may be needed by special populations.