Maine Seeks a More Streamlined Health Professions Regulatory System

From 1993 to 1995, Medical Care Development Incorporated, a nonprofit organization based in Augusta, Maine, spearheaded an effort to develop a coordinated health professions licensing structure for Maine.

Key Results

  • Under the grant, project staff accomplished the following:

    • Formed a 13-person advisory committee, consisting of many of Maine's leading health care policy experts.
    • Assembled a task force of more than 160 people to examine the issues.
    • Developed a report for the governor and state legislature, Improving Public Policy for Regulating Maine's Health Professionals.

Key Recommendations

  • In the report, the project task force made the following recommendations:

    • Standardize terms in Maine's law regulating health professionals and streamline the credentialing process.
    • Develop consensus about definitions of professional competency and quality of care.
    • Authorize practitioners through practice acts to provide services to the fullest extent of their competencies.
    • Recognize changing practice setting, specialties, and organizational entities in regulatory policy.
    • Create a template and standardize the grounds for discipline for all health professions by statute.
    • Promote consumer understanding about the competencies of health practitioners and the regulatory system.
    • Develop public policy in areas interacting with the regulation of health professionals, and when appropriate, advocate for changes in federal policy.