Lots of Jobs and Lots of Eager Workers: What Went Wrong?

    • February 1, 1998

Health Careers Center, an affiliate of the Greater New York Hospital Association, developed a program to offset an anticipated shortage of health care workers in New York City in the early 1990s.

By the mid-1990s, the predicted shortage of health care workers never materialized, and the program focused instead on helping employed health care workers deal with the risk of layoff and find new careers.

Key Results

  • During the grant period, the program, One-on-One, accomplished the following:

    • Enrolled some 1,800 individuals, mostly from disadvantaged or low-income populations.
    • Referred 4,034 individuals to remediation courses or skilled career education and training programs, and gave vocational assessments to an additional 5,154.
    • Made more than 200 referrals to social support services, including childcare, financial aid, legal assistance, welfare information, psychological evaluation, and counseling.
    • Managed a health career guidance program.
    • Managed a two-year health careers program funded by the New York City Housing Authority.