New Manual Helps Physicians Diagnose Mental Health of Children

Classification of mental health of children in primary care settings

The American Academy of Pediatrics, Elk Grove, Ill., developed a new mental health classification system for primary care clinicians to facilitate the understanding, coding, treatment and referral of child and adolescent mental health conditions.

Key Results

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) completed and published in 1996, The Classification of Child and Adolescent Mental Diagnoses in Primary Care: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Primary Care (DSM-PC) Child and Adolescent Version.

  • AAP established a DSM-PC project advisory committee to facilitate the dissemination, training, and implementation of the manual. By the grant's end, it had developed a training module for pediatricians and other primary care clinicians.

  • By late 1997, AAP had sold more than 5,000 copies of the manual, mainly to individual physicians.