Complementary Care Programs are Becoming an Accepted Alternative by Patients and Insurers

Promoting patient self-management of chronic illnesses

From 1995 to 1997, project staff at the Wellspring Foundation of Bethlehem, Conn., continued its residential retreat program for cancer patients. Through these retreats, Wellspring offered a time-limited intervention to provide cancer patients with the physical, psychological, social and spiritual support.

The Wellspring five-day residential retreat included group therapy, massage therapy, art therapy, yoga, nutrition counseling, relaxation training, and other educational services.

Key Results

  • uring the grant period, Wellspring conducted 10 five-day residential retreats for 77 cancer patients.

  • Project staff reached another 63 patients and nearly 200 health professionals through evening programs and workshops on complementary care.

  • Project staff implemented a rural outreach program, but discontinued it after nine months.

  • Project staff designed an outpatient program, though it was not implemented during the grant period.