Fun Events Attract Low-Income Families that Need Children's Health Services

Early in its development, the Child Health Initiative in Salem, Ore., learned an important lesson: one effective way to reach low-income families with preventive health services is to offer appealing events. Through bicycle rodeos, community dinners, mobile dental programs, and other events, the initiative has mobilized the community to tackle a wide range of children's health problems.

Who is served?

The initiative provides care coordination of health and social services to elementary school students and their younger and unborn siblings in families with incomes under 180 percent of the poverty level who live near one of two schools. The initiative also offers preventive dental services to pre-kindergarten children, and emergency dental services to children and adults throughout Marion County.

"We offer families tangible services. When they find they can count on us, they come back."—Eleanor Miller, Project Director, Marion County Child Health Initiative