Bottom Line Benefits of Preventive Health Services

Promoting the inclusion of preventive services in employer health plans

From 1992 to 1996, staff at the Washington Business Group on Health (WBGH) surveyed its corporate members—along with insurers, managed care executives and union representatives—about preventive care coverage and developed case studies of five employers with strong commitments to preventive care.

Key Findings

  • Of the 55 percent of Washington Business Group on Health's member companies that responded to the survey, all covered some preventive services, such as immunizations, screenings and periodic physicals.

  • Of the 80 insurance companies surveyed, 26 completed the survey (38%) and 12 indicated that they no longer provided health insurance.

  • Interviews with managed care executives showed that all offered comprehensive clinical preventive services, including health education, but only a few included behavioral counseling.

  • Union officials reported that their contracts include some preventive services, usually determined by the HMOs that provide care.