Putting Media in the Health Care Picture

American Health Line, a daily electronic newsletter in Falls Church, Va., which focuses on health policy, hosted and moderated a one-day media seminar on February 2, 1994.

The primary goal of the seminar was to better equipping the media to track and interpret the health care reform debate for the public.

Key Results

The seminar brought government representatives and health care and public opinion experts together with members of the media to increase the capacity of the media to understand and report on health care reform proposals.

The seminar provided participants with insights into the links between the political process and possible health care reforms.

Project staff divided the seminar into two sessions.

  • The first session focused on the lessons learned from past social reform movements. By focusing on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and the Catastrophic Health Care Insurance Act, participants saw how the politics surrounding these issues might foreshadow the current health care reform debate.
  • The second session provided a forum for discussion of the legislative impact on health care. Panelists emphasized the effects of proposed legislation on the general public.