Parents Rave about Drug-Prevention Programs Offered at Work

Workplace program to help parents prevent substance abuse among teens
    • May 1, 1997

From 1992 to 1995, Work In America Institute, Inc., Scarsdale, N.Y., carried out a pilot project to provide parents in the workplace with skills to help their children more effectively avoid the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

The Work In America Institute has been an instrument for change in the American workplace since 1975. Its membership comprises over 60 corporations, labor unions, and government agencies and represents over 25 million working adults.

Drug abuse-prevention programs have targeted parents, as well as children and adolescents. Working parents, however, may not have the time available to take advantage of school-, church-, or community-based programs.

Key Results

  • A workplace substance abuse-prevention curriculum was developed, field-tested and offered at 12 organizations through 20 worksites.

  • Nine out of 12 pilot organizations decided to continue their programs after the completion of the pilot rounds.

  • An independent evaluation was conducted, determining that the commitment from both employers and employees resulted in participant satisfaction and perceived improved communication between parents and children.