Financing for Homeless Programs to be Secured with Reliable Public Funds

The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) developed a plan for a nationally replicable model that would offer viable, long-term financing of services linked to permanent housing by integrating funding from a variety of relatively stable sources into a single pool that would be administered by an alliance of local service agencies on behalf of a group of tenants.

Key Results

  • CSH was able to secure the support of top public health officials and integrate parts of its plan into local planning processes including the City of San Francisco's five-year housing plan for persons with HIV/AIDS and persons with mental illness.

  • At the conclusion of this grant, the Corporation for Supportive Housing was awarded a three-year grant under the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Building Health Systems for People with Chronic Illness program, to implement their plan at housing sites in Oakland and San Francisco (see the Program Results Report on ID# 027072).