1996 Chartbook Highlights National Trends, Impacts and Costs of Chronic Care

    • May 31, 1997

From 1992 to 1996, researchers from the University of California created a chronic care chartbook that describes national trends in chronic illness. The research team also published a series of background papers, which were eventually collected in a book.

Key Results

  • In November 1996, the research team published the chartbook, Chronic Care in America: A 21st Century Challenge, which discusses national trends in chronic care, with a focus on its impacts and costs.
  • The research team produced papers on the following subjects:
    • One background paper for each of seven chronic care sub-populations.
    • A paper synthesizing these background papers.
    • A paper chronicling the history of the development and maintenance of indicator systems.
  • The research team collected the essays in a book—along with a paper synthesizing these background papers—Indicators of Chronic Health Conditions: Monitoring Community Level Delivery, published by Johns Hopkins University Press.