Reporting on Health Insurance Issues at a Critical Time

Studies of health insurance coverage issues

From 1992 to 1994, staff at the Families USA Foundation prepared, published and disseminated four reports on problems in health insurance coverage and financing:

  • "Half of Us: Families Priced Out of Health Protection"
  • "No Sale: The Failure of Barebones Insurance"
  • "Skyrocketing Health Inflation 1980–2000: The Burden on Families and Businesses"
  • "How Americans Lose Health Insurance"

Key Findings

  • Key findings from the reports included:

    • Almost half (46%) of American families will have a family member unprotected from high health costs in 1993.
    • Barebones legislation did not significantly expand coverage to the uninsured in any of the 16 states with at least six months of market experience.
    • Health care costs per family tripled between 1980 and 1993.
    • An average of 2,248,000 Americans lose their health insurance each month.