Reporting on Health Insurance Issues at a Critical Time

From 1992 to 1994, staff at the Families USA Foundation prepared, published and disseminated four reports on problems in health insurance coverage and financing:

  • "Half of Us: Families Priced Out of Health Protection"
  • "No Sale: The Failure of Barebones Insurance"
  • "Skyrocketing Health Inflation 1980–2000: The Burden on Families and Businesses"
  • "How Americans Lose Health Insurance"

Key Findings

  • Key findings from the reports included:

    • Almost half (46%) of American families will have a family member unprotected from high health costs in 1993.
    • Barebones legislation did not significantly expand coverage to the uninsured in any of the 16 states with at least six months of market experience.
    • Health care costs per family tripled between 1980 and 1993.
    • An average of 2,248,000 Americans lose their health insurance each month.