Study Finds U.S. is Prime Exporter of Tobacco-Control Expertise in the World

    • January 1, 1997

From 1993 to 1994, staff from the Advocacy Institute evaluated the potential role of international tobacco-control expertise and experience in enhancing U.S. tobacco-control efforts.

The Advocacy Institute, based in Washington, is a non-profit organization that works to develop products, projects and services that improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Key Findings

  • The Advocacy Institute's review of current international tobacco-control experience and expertise described successful efforts in Canada and Australia and briefly profiled 17 leaders in the field from whom the United States could learn.

  • However, the grantee's final report indicates that there are no international, regional, or national organizations that can substantially contribute to strengthening U.S. tobacco-control efforts and, in fact, the United States is the prime exporter of tobacco-control expertise in the world.

  • Despite the paucity of international resources and expertise with significant potential for aiding U.S. efforts revealed by their report, the investigators made a series of recommendations including:

    • Establishing a series of issue-specific workshops to enable foreign and U.S. tobacco-control experts to jointly address tobacco-control issues.
    • Strengthening international tobacco-control communications links, such as via the journal Tobacco Control and the computer network SCARCNet.