Acknowledgements: 1997


This book reflects the dedication and thoughtfulness of a great many people, to whom we would like to express our gratitude.

Within the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Frank Karel, vice president for Communications, provided vision, guidance and sound judgment from the beginning. His contribution to the book is significant and appreciated. Lewis Sandy, Steven Schroeder and Vicki Weisfeld read the chapters in draft and offered important suggestions for improving them. Linda Potts, Deborah Malloy and Sherry Georgianna provided invaluable administrative and clerical services.

An outside committee consisting of William Morrill, Patricia Patrizi and Jonathan Showstack reviewed each manuscript for objectivity and lack of bias. Their fairness and toughness added immeasurably to the quality of the book. C. P. Crow, a longtime editor at The New Yorker, served as the book's editor. His contributions to the style and clarity of the final product cannot be overestimated. Molly McKaughan did a last-minute, and much appreciated, review of the next-to-last draft.

Special thanks are owed to our research and editorial assistant, Dilshad Shahid, who worked tirelessly and with good humor on the various tasks, many of them unglamorous, that transform an idea into a printed work. At Family Care International, Jill Sheffield and Caryn Levitt handled grant management and financial reporting requirements rapidly and effectively.

Finally, we would like to thank the chapter authors for the care that they gave to this endeavor and for the high quality of their work.