Minority Medical Faculty Fellows Credit Program with Fostering Their Academic Careers

Evaluation of RWJF's Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program
    • November 1, 1996

Researchers evaluated the success of the Harold Amos Minority Medical Faculty Development Program in making an impact on the careers of its fellows (for more information see the Program Results Report).

The Program (HAMFDP) was established in 1983 to increase the number of senior-rank minority faculty in academic medicine, who then encourage the development of succeeding classes of minority medical students.

Key Findings

  • The evaluation showed the following:

    • The Program continues to fulfill its objectives:
      • Some 88 percent of former living Scholars remain in academic life.
      • Scholars attest to the Program's instrumental role in their professional achievements.
    • Scholars, mentors, and committee members are pleased with the overall execution of the Program.
    • Expanding the applicant pool and establishing a regular mechanism for turnover and renewal of the Board would likely enhance its effectiveness.