How to Give Peace a Chance? National Guidebook Outlines Step-by-Step Approaches

Between 1994 and 1995, staff at the Community Violence Prevention Program, at the Harvard School of Public Health, implemented a resource center that provided technical assistance and informational support to program operators of community-based violence prevention programs.

Staff also produced the first draft of a comprehensive violence prevention guidebook called Peace by Piece.

The Community Violence Prevention Program assisted communities in their efforts to implement and evaluate community-based violence prevention programs.

Key Results

  • Staff developed a comprehensive guidebook, Peace by Piece, which documents the current evaluation status for each of the 50 activities, and provides follow-up suggested readings and resources. The guidebook presents aspects of violence prevention programs in modules so that communities can develop their programs one piece at a time.

  • Staff established a resource center that during the grant period was fielding more than 200 inquiries per month.

  • The project director sat on the steering committee for the National Funding Collaborative on Violence Prevention, an independent group of funders from across the country who share an interest in violence prevention.