A Strong Physician-Management Alliance is Key in Organized Care Settings

Physician management issues in organized care settings

From 1993 to 1995, investigators from the Boston University School of Management identified the issues that need to be examined in order to determine what organizational characteristics and policies are necessary for the provision of cost-efficient care by physicians.

Findings would help organizations such as HMOs, multi-specialty group practices, hospital-based medical practices, faculty medical plans and community health centers deliver care effectively and efficiently.

Key Findings

  • There are significant problems in the interface between managers of health care organizations and the physicians who work in them.

  • These problems seem to be rooted in a misunderstanding of the respective roles of managers and physicians.

  • Managers must take responsibility for providing the conditions that are conducive to effective and efficient patient care, and physicians must be proactive in turning managers' attention to clinical issues in a constructive way.