A Consortium Educates Providers about Caring for the Chronically Ill

From 1993 to 1995, staff at the National Chronic Care Consortium enhanced its organization's ability to disseminate information related to the development of new and better ways to treat patients with chronic health problems.

Key Results

  • Project staff expanded both the content and circulation of its newsletter, NCCC Update.

  • Project staff created 11 publications and made 30 presentations to national medical organizations, health care trade groups and various state and national governmental bodies.

  • Established a new publication, Integrated CareLink, an electronically disseminated synthesis of current research, innovations and policy relating to chronic health care, available online.

  • Sponsored a national conference entitled Vision, Values, and Viability: Lessons for Integrating Care that brought together representatives from hospitals, health care systems, community agencies, and others to discuss issues related to the creation of chronic health care systems.