San Antonio Creates a Plan to Recover From COVID-19, and Build Resilience for the Future

Feature: 2018 Culture of Health Prize Community

A Q&A with Colleen M. Bridger, Assistant City Manager and Interim Health Director

As communities across the nation struggled to contain the coronavirus through the spring and summer, federal relief funding provided much-needed aid to local governments. Many cities and counties used their share to pay for frontline pandemic responses such as testing and contact tracing and financial support for workers and businesses. Other local governments used relief funding for essential services like police and fire departments.

In San Antonio, city leaders decided to look to the future as well. They combined Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act funding with $100 million in city general funds to create a COVID-19 recovery and resiliency plan, which the city council approved in June. The plan, which aims to boost equity and help households, businesses and nonprofits weather the crisis and prepare for the future, focuses on four pillar areas: workforce development, housing security, small business support and digital inclusion by expanding access to technology. The city, businesses and nonprofits are working together to implement the plan.

We talked with Colleen M. Bridger, San Antonio’s assistant city manager and interim health director.

San Antonio, Texas

The residents of San Antonio, Texas, are focused on health inequities and the connections between education, health and wealth.

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