Health Reform: By The Numbers

A source for timely and unique data about the impact of national health reform.

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Reform by the Numbers provides timely data and insights into key issues related to Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage expansion and ACA implementation and impact.

The collection includes research and analysis supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation from organizations including Altarum Center on Sustainable Health Spending, Georgetown University Health Policy Institute, State Health Reform Assistance Network, and the Urban Institute. It also includes regular commentary on health reform implementation and national health spending by Katherine Hempstead, a senior adviser for RWJF programs focused on health coverage and healthcare price transparency and value.

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Featured Data Resources

HIX Compare

The Health Insurance Exchange Comparison (known as HIX Compare) provides nationally comprehensive raw data and overviews on all plans offered in the health insurance marketplaces across all 50 states.

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State Network

A resource hub that consolidates timely, high-quality resources on state health policy for busy policymakers and researchers.



Health Reform Monitoring Survey

The  Health Reform Monitoring Survey (HRMS) is a quarterly household survey tracking a variety of health and healthcare factors, resulting in information on implementation issues under the Affordable Care Act, changes in health insurance coverage and related health outcomes.

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