Impact Investing to Improve Health, Well-Being and Equity

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The barriers to everyone in America having a fair shot at living their healthiest life are too great to address through grantmaking alone.

New Funding to Center Equity in Municipal Bonds

The $4 trillion municipal bond market is one of the largest pools of private investment capital flowing into America's states and localities, shaping the built environment in communities across the country and directly impacting health and equity. In a first-of-its kind effort, a new $4 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation aims to empower communities across America to leverage municipal bond market investments to disrupt historic systemic racial inequities.

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For decades, we’ve worked to change systems and policies in order to make the healthy choice the easier choice, especially for those facing the greatest obstacles to good health. Another approach is to shift capital markets—and we can do that through impact investing. Impact investing can create both bottom-line financial returns for investors and improve health, well-being and equity through investments in the community finance system.  

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has reaffirmed its commitment to impact investing through a $200 million allocation for social investments and by appointing Kimberlee Cornett as director of impact investments to lead this strategy. 

As part of the $200 million effort, RWJF has already completed several impact investments to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and to support the community development finance system, including:

  • Up to $4 million guarantee to Inclusiv, to support community development credit unions

With these and other investments ahead, we look forward to joining philanthropy and investors in challenging the markets to better value and incorporate health.

Kimberlee Cornett

Kimberlee Cornett

Director, Impact Investments

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