Program Evaluation

Assessing program effectiveness and impact and sharing key lessons learned from our grantmaking.

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Scholars discuss research findings.

Program evaluation is a cornerstone of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's approach to philanthropy.

Across our funding interest areas, we support program evaluations which assess the impact of our individual grants and long-term investments, and capture key insights and lessons learned. We also support the evaluation of national and local systems that relate to our grant programs.

Conducted by independent evaluators, our evaluations are designed to offer equal insight into both our successes and failures, and help us refine our current funding strategies and identify new opportunities moving forward.

In addition to informing our grantmaking, our evaluations are also designed to support broader health policy and practice, by contributing to the evidence base about what works when it comes to improving the nation's health. As they are completed, we share our evaluation findings transparently to foster learning that can help advance positive change nationwide.

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