New Website Features Tools and Information for People Who May Be Able to Save Hundreds of Dollars Per Month in the Health Insurance Marketplaces

    • February 26, 2014

Princeton, N.J.—A new website from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF),, is part of a national effort to raise awareness of the financial resources available to help millions of Americans purchase health coverage through the insurance marketplaces. The site and its resources aim to educate consumers about the financial help available to them, including tax credits and subsidies, to help lower the cost of health insurance.

Recent research shows that nearly 60 percent of uninsured adults did not know that millions of Americans qualify for financial help to offset the cost of their monthly insurance premiums. This lack of awareness of the availability of financial help is the major barrier preventing many from getting started in the process of securing coverage through the health insurance marketplaces. The same research found that more than 80 percent of uninsured consumers would be more likely to enroll if they received financial help to pay for their plan. seeks to reach these consumers and provide the information and resources they need to enroll before the March 31 deadline.

“We know that for many uninsured people, concerns about health insurance costs are keeping them from exploring their options,” said John Lumpkin, MD, MPH, senior vice president at RWJF. “This site offers tools and information to help individuals and families understand how financial assistance can help them gain health coverage—many of them, for the first time.”

The website features:

  • Testimonials from people who are already saving hundreds on health insurance plans because of financial help;
  • A tax credit tool developed by RWJF and Consumer Reports—available in both English and Spanish—that explains what the tax credit is, how to use it and where to get more information; and
  • Links to all state-based health insurance marketplaces, as well as the federal marketplace site,, so that people can learn about their options and enroll as quickly as possible.

The site launches at a critical time in the open enrollment period. Consumers have just five more weeks to find and enroll in the marketplace plan that is right for them.

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