Patricia Sosa, Director for Latin America, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

    • December 9, 2010

Patricia Sosa is the Director for Latin America at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (Campaign). She manages the Campaign communications, research, legal and advocacy activities in the region. She joined the international team after serving for 11 years as the Vice-President for Constituency Relations. During that period she was responsible for managing partnerships, coalition building, grassroots mobilization and youth advocacy for the Campaign activities in the United States. A native of Puerto Rico, Ms. Sosa, obtained her undergraduate degree from Tufts University and her law degree from the National Law Center at George Washington University. In her early career she served as Legislative Director for Congressman Jaime Fuster from Puerto Rico and as a Senior Policy Analyst at the National Commission on AIDS. She joined the Clinton Administration in 1993 at Director of Public Outreach for the President’s Welfare Reform Working Group. In that capacity she worked with hundreds of non-governmental organizations, organized labor and the business community in developing consensus for the Administration’s welfare reform proposal introduced in Congress in 1994.

Ms. Sosa is a commentator in the PBS program “To the Contrary,” an all-female news analysis television series. She also has extensive media experience as the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids lead spokesperson in Spanish radio and television.

Ms. Sosa has been the recipients of numerous awards including the Women of Achievement Award by the National Puerto Rican Coalition in 1993, Secretary Shalala's Excellence Award in 1995 and Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Assistant Secretary's Excellence Award in 1996.

Patricia Sosa

Patricia Sosa, Director for Latin America at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (Campaign)