Health Care Professions Rank Near Top of Money Magazine's 'Best Jobs' List

    • December 8, 2010

Money Magazine's annual ranking of the “Best Jobs in America” holds good news for anyone interested in pursuing a career in health care. The newly released survey considers several factors, including how well the profession pays, its prospects for growth over the next several years and the quality of life enjoyed by those in the profession. This year, health care professions claimed four of the top 15 spots, with physician assistant finishing second, physical therapist fourth, dentist 12th and nurse anesthetist 13th.

Only software architects ranked higher than physician assistants, on the strength of higher median pay. Other professions in the top 15 included management consultant, environmental engineer, civil engineer, database administrator, sales director, certified public accountant, biomedical engineer, actuary, risk management manager and product management director.

Money quotes Beth Grivett, PA-C, a 43-year-old Newport Beach, California, physician assistant on the merits of her profession: “You get satisfaction from seeing patients and getting the feedback every day that you're helping people. We've partnered with doctors for long enough that they really think of us as colleagues, and I enjoy that partnership. It's an exciting time.”

Money’s ranking of top-paying professions, compiled with, factored into the “Best Jobs” rankings. Medical professionals occupied the top seven spots on that list. According to the survey, anesthesiologists, in the top spot, draw down a median salary of $290,000, with general surgeon, emergency room physician, obstetrician/gynecologist, psychiatrist, primary care physician and nurse anesthetist claiming the next six spots. Dentist ranked 11th and optometrist 20th.