Consumer Voices for Coverage

    • May 5, 2010

Consumer Voices for Coverage, a joint initiative of Community Catalyst and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), focuses on ensuring consumer concerns are represented in both state and national health care reform.

In February 2008, Consumer Voices for Coverage began to boost the enormous groundswell of activity at the state level to reduce the number of people living without health insurance. The program supports the important role that state-based consumer health advocacy can play in promoting innovative and comprehensive health reform efforts. As the national program office, Community Catalyst provides significant technical assistance and support to 12 grantees on the cusp of advancing health reform in their states.

Six additional grantees joined the program in November 2008 to advance efforts to achieve health reform at the national level. Community Catalyst provides the state-based consumer advocates with the skills, expertise and resources needed to have a stronger presence and play a more meaningful role in the national health reform debate.