Cover the Uninsured Week

    • March 11, 2010

This year's Cover the Uninsured Week—March 14-20, 2010—focuses national attention on the dire consequences for our health care system if we continue on our current path. The Week raises awareness of the problem of the uninsured in America and gives a diverse group of participants a platform from which they can elevate the visibility of the issue.

Over the years, Cover the Uninsured has brought together elected officials from both parties, as well as a diverse coalition of business owners, union members, educators, students, patients, hospital staff, physicians, nurses, faith leaders and their congregants, and many others. An effort that that began with the first annual Cover the Uninsured Week in 2003 has grown into a year-round movement with grassroots events taking place all across the country.

During the Week itself and throughout the year, Cover the Uninsured invites you to join in the nation's largest mobilization on behalf of the 46 million Americans -- including more than 9 million children—without health insurance. The Web site provides an online hub to find events in your area (or publicize your own), order free materials, download planning guides, get the latest news and research, and sign up for e-mail updates.