Physician Views on Coverage Expansion Proposals, by Professional and Practice Characteristics

    • September 14, 2009

This slide shows support for the inclusion of a public option was demonstrated across all demographic characteristics, specialties, practice locations (census division or urban vs. rural setting) and practice types. Primary care providers were the most likely to support a public option (65.2%), whereas the group of “other” physicians, those in fields that generally have less regular patient contact such as radiology, anesthesiology, nuclear medicine were supportive of this option (57.4%) but less so than physicians in the other groups.

Physicians in every census region demonstrated majority support for the public option, ranging from 58.9% in the south to 69.7% in the northeast. Practice owners were less likely to support the public option than non-owners (59.7% vs. 67.1%, p=0.001), but a majority still supported it. Finally, AMA members also demonstrated majority support for the public option (62.2%).