In The Media: In July, Television Talk Show Host and Former Nurse Bonnie Hunt Interviewed Author Alida Brill About Her Experience Living with a Chronic Autoimmune Disease

    • August 31, 2009

The nursing profession got a high-profile high five last month on a television talk show hosted by actress and former nurse Bonnie Hunt.

In a segment that aired on July 10, Hunt interviewed author and feminist social critic Alida Brill about her experience living with a chronic autoimmune disease.

In the interview, Brill, who co-wrote with her doctor the newly released memoir, Dancing at the River’s Edge: A Patient and Her Doctor Negotiate a Life with Chronic Illness, called nurses “the great unsung heroes of my entire life.”

“In the days when it was all patriarchal male physicians, who was available for a young woman or a girl? The nurses,” Brill said. “Still to this day, the nurses are my team.”

Brill had a receptive audience in Hunt, who practiced as an oncology nurse in the 1980s at Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago, Ill., before getting her start in comedy.

“I can tell you firsthand being a nurse and reading this book, I have deep gratitude for your honesty, your way of teaching people to be able to communicate with their doctors, and the fact that you had so much courage,” Hunt said.

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