Staying Sane May Be Easier Than You Think

    • July 15, 2009
    • Publication: TIME

In the June 22, 2009, special edition on health, TIME magazine profiles the work of William McFarlane, M.D., as he teams with young people and their families to identify and prevent the onset of schizophrenia. "Staying Sane May Be Easier Than You Think" explores the history, discoveries and methods that McFarlane employs to help youth at risk of schizophrenia avoid their first psychotic episode.

McFarlane is director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's $16.9-million Early Detection and Intervention for the Prevention of Psychosis Program, designed to extend the Portland Identification and Early Referral (PIER) program currently under McFarlane's leadership in Portland, Maine, and replicate the PIER model in five additional communities. PIER offers a means to avoid the most devastating effects of serious mental illness in young people ages 12 to 25 through early detection, treatment and family counseling.