Quotable Quotes about Nursing, July 2009

    • July 30, 2009

“Nurses are educated to assess the needs of a patient, build a plan, implement it, and then evaluate. That nursing process is extraordinarily important in the boardroom when it comes to problem solving and strategic planning. Sometimes nurses think their professional role is strictly as a clinician, but a big part of their role is leadership.”
—Chief Nursing Officer Mary Dee Hacker after bylaws at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles were revised to appoint the chief nursing officer to the board of trustees, Nurse.com, June 15, 2009
“Had I had more time for discussion with the president, I would have asked him to discuss more specifics as to how the administration will close the gap in access, particularly in areas that are primary care deserts, the inner city and rural America. I would also ask him about the role nursing can play in expanding access to primary care. Perhaps this is an opportunity to examine private/public partnerships. An example of this is the Healthy Howard Plan in Howard County, Maryland, that uses interdisciplinary teams, including nurses, physicians and other providers, to close the health care access gap.”
—Hershaw Davis, Jr., president, Maryland Association of Nursing Students after asking President Obama a question at the White House Forum on Health Care Reform, Blog Post, Center to Champion Nursing in America, June 30, 2009. 

“I asked myself this week what I would do if somebody offered me a blank check to spend on some project in American Catholicism. The more I think about it, the more my… reply would be, ‘Hire a nurse for every parish in the country.’ As with African roads, parish nursing may not be the most glamorous idea around. But looking down the line it’s tough to imagine a step of greater practical value… the Catholic Church in America should be worrying a bit less about the priest shortage and a bit more about the nurse shortage. Attracting and retaining qualified nurses for parishes—and for social service centers, schools, and other Catholic institutions—may not garner headlines or excite the blogs, but it would be an incredibly valuable service to the Catholic future.”
—John L. Allen Jr., “If I Had $10 Billion,” National Catholic Reporter, July 24, 2009