The Road to Reform

In the President's Message of the RWJF 2008 annual report, Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, M.D, M.B.A., focuses on the symptoms of an ailing health care system, offering a clear-cut, principled, evidence-driven Blueprint for Change. This message takes a broad view, charting how health and health care arrived at the current turning point and what lies ahead on America’s road to reform. Comprehensive health reform—covering the uninsured, improving the quality, safety and equality of care, focusing on prevention, and bringing spending under control—are realistically within the nation's reach.

To help guide the journey along this road, a new section of focuses exclusively on health reform and the groundbreaking work of the Foundation, our grantees and our partners. Information, research and data are driving reform and this new section of our Web site, Health Reform 2009, will grow in real time with news releases, policy briefs, journal articles, research reports and the latest publications on what is happening in Washington and across the country.