2011 President's Message: Force Multipliers

America is approaching what’s being called our “coming age of permanent austerity.” Serious economies, some severe, are likely, triggering long-term and significant changes in our daily lives. At the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, being prepared for and leading change is the true currency of our philanthropy.

In this message Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA, RWJF president and CEO, takes a look at forces presently affecting our work and some of the remarkable members of the RWJF family who are leading a quiet revolution. You'll meet a doctor in the desert. A scientist in outer space. There's a dentist in the Artic who delivers care on cross-country skis. And a family doctor who's taken to city streets with a radical new way to help the sick get well and cut costs at the same time. You'll also learn about the most ambitious overhaul of nursing in our nation's history. And you'll see how the Internet is opening new pathways to collaboration.

It's change powered by people and ideas.