Commonly Used Forms by RWJF Grantees and Grant Applicants

RWJF Electronic Submission Standards
This document explains how to submit products electronically to RWJF, including naming conventions and formats. Products should be submitted as soon as they are completed. These instructions apply to grantees, contractors, and national program offices.

National Initiative Summative Reporting Instructions
If you are managing a national initiative for RWJF, please complete these instructions in the last few months of the final grant under the authorization.

Testimony Coversheet
If you have given testimony to any legislative body—federal, state, or local—you must submit this coversheet with it. RWJF will not accept any testimony without this coversheet.

Grantee Reporting Instructions: Complete Narrative and Bibliography Information
This document explains annual narrative reporting, final narrative reporting, and procedures for submitting a bibliography. Grantees of a National Program: These RWJF instructions are in addition to and do not replace the reporting requirements of your national program office.

Budget Revision Guidelines

Guidelines for Extension of Award

Contracts Guidelines
Foundation requirements when a subcontract will be awarded under a grant.

Contract Budget and Fact Chart
Information on what RWJF should know about every contract under a grant.

Program Results Reports
RWJF engages writers to produce short reports on most of the Foundation’s recently closed grants and National Programs.

Report of Income Received on Grant Payments for Expenditure Responsibility Grants
Form to be completed by expenditure responsibility grantees when reporting income earned on grant payments to the Foundation.

Additional Financial Report Information for Private Foundation Grantees
Guidelines for additional financial information required from private foundation grantees.

Extension of Due Dates Guidelines
How to request additional time to submit a report or other information requested or required by the Foundation.

Product Update Form
If you have updates to products you have already submitted to RWJF (such as an article or book chapter that is now published, or an additional presentation you have given) use the product update form when you submit the product to RWJF.

Grant Photograph Submission Form
Use for grant-related photographs. A completed Grant Photograph Submission Form must accompany grant-related photographs submitted to RWJF. If sending hard copy photos, please do not write on the back sides. If there are a number of pictures with the same individuals in them, it is not necessary to fill out a form for each photograph.