Reporting and Accounting Information

We hope this section provides you with helpful guidelines as you proceed with your project.

If you have received a multiyear grant, we suggest that you review the Final Narrative Report questions at the start of your grant so you will be prepared to answer them when the grant ends.

For projects lasting more than one year, Annual Narrative Reporting helps us to stay informed about your project. During the course of your grant, the Annual Narrative reports you submit are treated as confidential documents. You no longer need to submit a Bibliography with your Annual Narrative Report.

Final Narrative Reporting takes the place of Annual Narrative Reporting at the end of the final year of your grant. It is a substantive record of the activities conducted and the products produced in all the years of your grant and how they met the goals set forth in your proposal.

Your bibliography is now part of your Final Narrative Report.

During your grant, please submit your Products electronically as soon as you complete them.

For a complete list of commonly used forms, visit Instructions.