Open Research Exchange

Leveraging patient-reported outcome data to help patients in their everyday lives.

The Open Research Exchange aligns health outcome measures with patients’ experiences with a disease, to advance research and the patient experience.

While health outcome measures help doctors and other clinicians assess the effectiveness of care, those measures are typically developed in clinical settings, and collect information based on the needs and interests of researchers and the health care industry.

In an effort to focus more on patients' experience with a disease, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supported and worked with PatientsLikeMe to develop the Open Research Exchange, a platform which engages patients in capturing and reporting data that is meaningful to patients in the real world.

Using the Open Research Exchange, researchers can work with patients to rapidly develop health outcome measures that better reflect patients' interests related to their health and quality of life.

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    Developed by PatientsLikeMe with support from RWJF, the Open Research Exchange enables patients to share data to support research and improve the patient experience.

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